Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Look

Its been a month and 3 days since the last day i blogged. September was full.
And then I noticed that the old template photos have been moved to another add. And that's why the new look of my blog.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Contest: Carol's Book Give away.... WOW!

i was browsing around, thinking and listing my activities for travel next here. at the same time book-blog hopping and found this. I love to read and buying books this year.... hmm. i already bought a lot.. and i am kinda tight now... so I just wish someone outthere is kind enough to give me bookss..hah!

And look what i found..

These are the books for giveaway. so many right??? YEAHHhh...
This contest is by Carol.
I sure hope I will win something :)

Parajunkee's Friday Hop!

i found Parajunkee's Friday from Katie's Blog, while I was bloghopping from Jennifer's (Crazy for books) hop. And the question is interesting :-)

Question: What is your favourite brick and mortar bookstore?

These are the available chain in my country
1. Popular Bookstore
2. MPH Bookstore
3. The Borders
4. Kinokuniya (only available in KLCC Twin Tower...)

Well, i am a member for Popular & MPH Bookstore....At the moment, I think I prefer Popular cause member gets discount for any book purchase.. ngeeeee

How about you?

ps: if are in UK (London), tell me which is your favourite bookstore.

3-6 September ..lalalalalala......

Book Blogger Hop

Woweee.... Its friday again. my favourite day of the week. Its end of the working day and when i reached home, i have friday-blog-hop activity :)

This week question:
Do you judge a book by its cover?

People always say don't judge a book by its cover... hahah.
The truth is I sometimes DO!! Especially when i was at the bookstore looking for bookss..and also when I was browsing on web. Well, there are book covers which are really NOT acceptable at all.. ( well.... i can't think of any now :P )

That's that.

So, what's yr comment? I think there might be someone out there who just likes to pick book which the cover is unique and different from otherss..

Feel free to comment :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Giveaway is Fun

List of Book-give-aways which i found on others blog. Some I join and really hope to receive something in my mailbox.

Date Found: 27.08.2010
Date End: 07.09.2010
She's giving out Mockingjay!

2. An international book giveaway from Jessica, Confessions of a Bookaholic
Date found: 27.08.2010
Date End: 31.08.2010
She's giving out Echoes by Melinda Metz


Look what I found.... thebookurrm

Date Found: 03.09.2010
Date End: 06.09.2010
She's giving out few boookkss.. I definitely need some TBR now...

4. Carol's ARC giveaway..
Date Found: 04.09.2010
Date End: 06.09.2010
many great books!.. I hope i'll get something in my mailbox sooon ..lalaalala..

27-30 Aug (Blog Hop Friday!)

Book Blogger Hop

i'm on leave today .....ngeee... i just came back from Jaya Jusco and have just spent bout 4% of my salary which received yesterday ...hhihihihi... and I just received BodyShop voucher RM20

This week blog hop question is:

Do you use a rating system for your reviews and if so, what is it and why?

I don't. At the moment. But i've been thinking to have ratings too but yet to find creative ratings design :P

I saw some interesting rating system before. Some are so cute and some kinda give serious impression ..

Well, that's about it..

So, feel free to leave comments and your blog address. I'll stop by when I find the time :-)

Have a nice weekend..

and one more thing.. on 31st August, is my country's Independence day. It has been 53 years. So, Happy National day to all Malaysian.. .. Merdeka !..Merdeka!.... Merdeka! ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Word Nerd

I was bloghopping and stumbled to this blog
Midnight Bloom. There i saw a book review;

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen

I think i want to read it! This one first....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The diary of a wimpy kid: The last straw

Finish Date:
23rd August 2010


A new character, Holly was introduced..and also, Alex, i think.
There was a para on Chirag :)
As for Manny, with his 'thingy' (old smelly blanket)

I can't remember at what page, but i LAUGH hysterically.

ps: I have the next book on the shelf! ..ngeeeee...........

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Complete Reading:
19th August 2010

Book Cover:
Not in my favorite list.

724 pages

There are many new characters introduce in this 2nd book. The investigation team includes Bubble and many others. I kinda picture them working like those in the CSI TV series.

When I began reading this book, it is kinda boring :P. I think Larrson is always slow into getting towards the action part. The first half of the book, i actually put the book down few times. I don't understand why Larsson have to potrait Lisbeth as lesbian. Are all european like that? tell me!

The story started to get interesting when the murder happened. I was curious and kept guessing where was Lisbeth hiding? The big secret of "ALl the evil" is not so scary or surprising. I think Lisbeth overreacts :P

I don't understand why she didn't die after being shot few times and buried alife. Is this some kind of superhero novel? Oh.. come on..The ending is sort of so sudden.

I am not sure whether to continue read the final book of the trilogy. Maybe, if I find someone for book-swap, then i'll read it :)

20th - 23rd August...

i missed this week BLOG HOP!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Browsing Swaptree and Bookmooch. Looking for additional TBR ;P

Which book trade site you join and you like best? Any new suggestion?

......... i'm a bit frustrated that most swap-sites are for UK only, New Zealand only or US only.

13-16 August...Hop!

My favourite day of the week Friday. Friday at office is "looking forward for weekend" and also casual-wear day. Lunch time is longer means that you can go for window shopping. And of course..... friday is the Crazy-Blog-Hop Day !

This week question is "How many books do you have on your to-be-read shelf?"

*wait. i'll go and count*

On the shelf physically 11. i'll list them down.

1. the time traveller's wife
2. eat,pray,love (i read few pages then stop halfway)
3. cinta sufi
4. sweetnes at the bottom of the pie
5. the inheritance of loss
6. when will there be goodnews
7. diary of a wimpy kid (yellow book)
8. diary of a wimpy kid (green book)
9. city of bones
10. Yakjuj Makjuj
11. Eldest

so, tell me which you'll read first from the list above???

my virtual to-be-read shelf (will this count??? ...)
1. Mockingjay (i wish i have this one TODAY)
2. Beutiful Creature
3. Olliver Kitteridge
4. Fallen
5. The Summoning (Kelley Armstrong)
6. Hush Hush
7. the girl who kicks the hornets nest (i am currently reading Book No.2 of the trilogy )
8. Little Bee

That's for now. How bout you? Comments on my TBR & VTBR shelf are mostly welcome.

ps: And check this out --> another Blog-Hop, join me! I am interested to see & read your blog post response :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

what book pops in your mind when you see these words

Hi All,

First, thanks for stopping by. I started this blog 2 months back and I kept checking my blog for new comments and also I spend lots of time blog-hopping to other book blogs. Well, its fun. Better than doing house chores :P

I have a question here and
would love to hear answers from you. For each of the word listed below, name a book which pops into your mind right away :D







STOP (You stop reading the book halfway :P)

1. Enter your blog name in list below. Write your Blogname, your name, your favorite book Genre.
2. Post the answers to the questions above and post in your Blog as creative as you want it to be. I'll be delighted to read your blog-post!
3. Visit and make friends: Visit other blog who are in the list and make more frinds in your life. See others creative blogs. Give comments and become their followers if you want to.
4. Open to ALL. everyone is welcome to JOIN....

Let have fun now!

6th to - 9th August

I was exhausted last night. And her I am just awake and straight to my PC..hahaha.. right after this i'm gonna cook some Maggi-Mee (hungry!)

This week's question:

Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?

I know many people out there does. But I don't. Maybe because I don't have IPod or whatsoever related to the stuff. I should go and buy one! No. I should persuade my husband to buy one for me :D The radio in my house too is not placed to my home-reading area. (My favourite reading spot at home ... my bed, sofa downstairs, at the bathroom (toilet..HAH!)). So, I don't have the opportunity to hear songs while reading. My PSP is in my drawer. I usually just use it for games. Conclusion is, no music while reading ...for now.. but in future who knowsss.. :D

While bloghopping, i stumbled to few sites but these seems interesting to me:-
Lori's Design Site Found this from Candace Book blog..
Jillian's book Blog --> the blog design is sweet

One more thing.. check this out if you LOVE Blog-Hopping!

Feel free to comment and hopefully we stumbled and found new interesting stuff everyday! :) ...And thanks to anyone stopping by my book blog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Stuff

Book reading diary notebook? ...nahhhh... updating in blog is better. Though there were many so cute book diary on the MPH shelves! there are also some book tote bags which is kinda expensive if we compare to all the free bags receive when we shop etc..

My book light! First one I ever have. Maybe he bought it for me because during last weekend, i read books using lights from his iphone :P. This thing works as a book mark too......

Saturday, July 31, 2010

the girl with dragon tattoo

fin reading this book yesterday on 31st July 2010...

The story is deep. I read and sometimes I flip to few pages back to confirm especially on the characters of the Vanger family. I recommend this book to mystery and thriller genre fan out there :)

Salander, Lisbeth
I never thought that Lisbeth is a hacker. But of course, its the most logic explanation for all the hundreds of pages she can gathered within few days. I bet she is prepared to get any PHD based on her investigation / reasearch skills :P
I saw in imdb that movie is highly rated (7.7/10). I think the actress looks old. Don't they have any younger looking one? Cause in the book, many times says that Lisbeth looks like 15..

I visualise him has a voice like the man who plays as Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Maybe because he's wise, old and have power not in magical way but as foremer ceo of vanger cooperation.

Vanger, Cecilia
I don't get why she's suddenly shut Blomkvist of of her life :P

Blomkvist, Mikhael
He's just a lucky man i guess.. :P

Berger, Erika
I think this woman is stupid. Pathetic, for getting involve with Blomkvist.

and many more characters..........

Book cover which I found on internet. I wish I had this cover for collection. Mine is the yellow color below

I will read the following books cause i want to know next episode of Salander's life.

The Trilogy:
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, original title Män som hatar kvinnor. 2005.
2. The Girl Who Played with Fire, original title Flickan som lekte med elden. 2006.
3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, original title Luftslottet som sprängdes. 2007.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

i just came home from office and here I am writing a post. Hah! i browse through few good blogs and bumped into this Waiting on Wednesday threads.

I have few books in my mind which i think would be in my "can't wait to read" would be but I really think I want to read this one first :D

1. I just I bought it last friday during lunch hours at Bangsar Village. Hopefully it is as good as the reviews :P
2. Cause its on my shelf now
3. Cause its one of the YA (my kind of genre besides mystery/thriller)
4. Cause I can't wait to add to my 'Books I've read in 2010' list.. hehehe

Anyone out there, post your comment here. I want to know what book you can't wait to read too :)

ps: I am currently reading Stieg Larsson Book ...the girl with dragon tattoo at page 215.. wait for the review later :) once i've complete reading it..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hijab Sang Pencinta

I finished this book while sitting on a bench this morning before going to office.
Almost every page is full of suspense. Author, RAM again hit the jackpot with this book. So far, he never fail me :)

At first, when I get this book and read the synopsis/comments at the back-cover, I have doubts with this third book of trilogy Bagaikan Puteri. But, as his previous books, this is a page turner too.

I like the way RAM slot different adventures fit into this book. Why he chooses 15th century? I don't know why. But, its quite creative and kinda make Melaka history to be interesting :)

What Dani did in the end is too sudden and quite unbelievable. Whatever as long as he stops continue waiting for Haryani.

I knew at the end of the day Sunan will have to go back home to his world. But what triggered it was quite shocking.

And I wonder ... what is Harayni's fate in the end..
and is this the last of Sunan?

... I hope Sunan will be back together with Ratu, someday...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Monday. What are you reading

Its monday. Busy day at work. I went home by LRT Putra..then the next train is LRT STAR..From Bukit Jalil, I took taxi home which cost me RM20.00 My mailbox is full cause I've no time to read. My husband has fever. It's almost 10.30 pm now. Tomorrow have to wake up early cause I need to drive to work..I'm tired...

But It's Monday and what am I reading? :)

and also

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Some books hit you so hard that you'll keep thinking of the books..the characters, the story, you'll start google everything or just about anything bout the book.

Twilight is one of them. I just watch 'Eclipse' yesterday. And its ok. The exciting part is to watch the action and fighting or running scene. But of course the movie is not exactly as the book. They do change same scene & lines just to adjust it into 2 hour movie.
Twilight movie cast:

I am Edward fan. Cullen fan. i don't hate Jacob but I just think Bella is for Edward.

Another book which I read in 2009 which I think its good is The Lovely Bones.
I haven't watch the movie yet though.

And of course, the funny one ..Confession of a Shopaholic!
This book is fun! All girls out there should read it...hehe

Vikas Swarrup books...
Six Suspects - I borrowed from a friend and immediately love it.

Q&A @ Slumdog Millionaire

And this is the best of the best book. i'll read it again definitely one day!

The Kite Runner

2010 Best Reads

Well, the list here will change from time to time as i read more books.

This are the real Page Turner books so far this year...

1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

2. Bagaikan Puteri Trilogy by Ramlee Awang Murshid

Books I've read in 2010

I am challenging myself to read as many books as I can this year. I started counting since mid of June. Yep, i'm 6 months late. But its better late than never.
And here we go.....

My 2010 Readings:

1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
2. The Diary of a wimpy Kid
3. Life of Pi
4. Vampire Diaries (The Awakening and The Struggles)
5. Bagaikan Puteri by Ramlee Awang Murshid (RAM)
6. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (02.07.2010)
Mikhail by Ramlee Awang Murshid 13.07.2010
Cinta Sang Ratu by Ramlee Awang Murshid, 16.07.2010
Hijab Sang Pencinta by Ramlee Awang Murshid, 22.07.2010
The Girl with Dragon Tattoo 31.07.2010
12. The Girl Who played with Fire, Stieg Larrson, 19.08.2010
13. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw, Jeff Kinney, 23.08.2010
14. Cinta Sufi, Ramlee Awang Murshid 27.08.2010
15. City of Bones, The mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, 30.08.2010
16. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days, 01.09.2010
17. Lembah Cite-cit , Prof Hamka
18. Dalam Mihrab Cinta, Habiburrahman El Shirazy


I posted new entry to my blog. Then I browse. Then somehow, I bumped to this ...

And now, I have to join this book-blogger-hop because at the moments is seems to be more interesting than anything else I can think of :P

1. Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins) --> yes. i read YA and i'm Team Peeta (tonight) I change my mind quite often :P

2. ??? by Vikas Swarup. I read his Six Suspects and also Slumdog millionaire (Q&A). When is your next book? Don't do this to me! In short, I can't wait for Swarup to come up with new book!

3. Little Bee by Chris Cleave (because i read the book review somewhere)

4. Fallen by Lauren Kate (Because its everywhere on every shelves in the bookstore i went. OK. Not every shelves. But the book cover is so OBVIOUS. But i read the review, and has low ratings. Now I am confused)

5. Ramlee Awang Murshid Novels - Trilogy Bagaikan Puteri. Its the Malay Novel which I am crazy FOR recently and now. I am now reading the third book in the trilogy. It's 10:00 pm now and pretty sure will continue read it right after this! If this book, has translation to English, you must read it. Or perhaps, you should just learn Malay language so that yu can read and enjoy the book :)

6. The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong ( is it good? i kept stumbling into the book reviews with quite high ratings)

That's all I can think of now :)
Feel free leave to post comments..I'd like to see what book are you dying for too

Cinta Sang Ratu

I escaped office lunch (some celebration) instead i went out for lunch with my husband. Dropped by at MPH and finally I found this novel.
(I was searching for the book before when I was reading the 2nd) So, in a way it was a good decision i made to skipped thr project celebration even though I was questioned by my General Manager @ Project Director. Hey! No regrets.... Back to the novel...

RAM is one true creative Malay writer. In this novel we have Saifudin as usual macho, cool and somehow in this movie, the author add more romantic side to him :). I think he is extra religious than previous novel. Sometimes, when reading what he does is a reminder to myself. Thanks RAM

And of course, Sang Ratu who RAM introduce in the previous novel few last chapters. I am quite surprise by the decision Saifudin made for Sang Ratu but in a way, i think its a good one. Quote from the Novel...

Cinta Sang Ratu
laksana langit mencengkam purnama,
ibarat mutiara di lautan biru
saujana mata memandang, seluas langit terbentang.

Tatkala cinta berbisik, suaranya memuji TUHAN
Pabila rindu terusik, rasulnya jadi pilihan.

Sampai masanya cinta jadi taruhan
Sang Ratu menjadi impian.

This time, there is no balan-balan or kuntilanak but there is another creature who appear in current day (in Haryani's life). (Erghh... That made me somehow agree with my husband not to visit Indonesia :P )

There is also Senggara. RAM wrote as though Senggara is someone special in the book. While reading the book, I kept on guessing who he is.... Megat? Saifudin old dead friend? At last it was ......hmm.. ..(read it yourself).

Jenglot. I don't know what it is. But it does sound evil & deamon enough for me.

What ever happens in the book, RAM ends it perfectly..not too much frustrations.. and some ending that can make you MUST find the next book.. Hijab Sang Pencinta ..which I bought it just now and am reading it NOW. What are you waiting for? go read it now!

You can check out more of RAM's novels At his Fan Club Page. I think in all his novels, there are quotes which is kinda trademark for the character of each the novels. Check out here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Its been a while since i update this blog. Not that I stop reading. I'm still in the moof for the Reading Challenge 100+ even though I have only read 7 books. I started counting since end of June, ok? ......Ganbate! ...........

I finished reading Mikhail few days back. The book is by Author Ramlee Awang Murshid. He is my favourite Malay Novel write at the moment. He's creative in twisting and making the story full.

Mikhail is about a men who is an assassin. He was actually used by a greedy selfish, Dickens. He was brainwash to take revenge by killing 4 main people. He is being portrait as a very focus, fast and good killer. He reminds me of Jason Statham in Transporter and also Mark Wahlberg in i cant remember the movie name.

In one of his mission he actually ambushed and killed everyone in a ship. I'd like to see that scene in movie.

In his mission at Malaysia, his target was actually two women whom to one of them he had feelings for. The women are sisters, one is a police and the other helps the father with business. And this one... reminds me of Maria Mariana ...Urghhh :P

This book is a good reading but i'll stick to 'Laksamana Sunan' series by Ramlee Awang Murshid at the moment. (which I am curently reading book No. 2 of the series, Cinta Sang Ratu!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Should I read this?

These are list of books which I stumbled to while browsing or maybe At the book store. So, should I read it?

1. The Summoning (Kelley Armstrong)
2. Hush Hush
3. The Fallen

The Mean Jabberjay

Jabberjay is in this second book of Hunger Games. And when it sings, it really hurts. To me, its one of the meanest thing capitol did to the tributes.

Catching Fire first few chapters to me, is kinda slow. I kept on thinking to flip the early pages just to check whether will there be 'page-turner' parts from this book. Yes it does. And when you reach that part, you will never put the book down.

My expectation for this book is to see WAR towards the capitol. Yup. It does started somewhere in this book and I am looking forward to read the second book.

Comments and queries (beware .... spoiler)
1. Why is it Katniss have to wait so long before seeing Gale when she first came back from the first game?
2. Prim has very little part in this book. Kinda frustrated.
3. Peeta's family is never talked about at all.
4. Why is it suddenly Madge being friend of Katniss beem mentioned few times in this book. Its like the author is desperade for Katniss to have other friend than Gale back in District 12 :P
5. Sometimes, i feel Katniss is like palying around between Peeta and Gale. I pity both of them :P
6. Effie has little parts too
7. What happens then to district 8, 13 ? i think this part is left unfinished...

I tell so much. You should just read the book. Its a page turner ..after hald of the book so be patient. I would rate this book 3 out of 5. And I like I said earlier. I am looking forward for Mockingjay! And one more thing, after reading this book, i vote for Peeta over Gale :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I read this book last nite. Its funny as like the first book. Reading this book is like watching tv sitcom malcom in the middle and also reminds me of my own 3 brothers when they were small. :P

Like the cartoons in the book. Sometimes its more funny than the diaries itself. reminds me of calin and hobbes somehow.. i dunno why.

Rodrick is cruel. weel, that's how i felt after reading this book. Well, actually, greg also is cruel to Rodrick. Maybe boys are always like that.

Anyway, read it if you want some family-fun!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding new books

Here I am again at home. Me alone. Its peaceful & quiet & not so warm. The weather is just nice and almost perfect. I can start vacuum my room or arrange the newspaper in the living or seep the floor. Instead, I am here browsing for new books to read..hahaha

I stumbled into few sites on Kelley Armstrong (The summoning) Is it that good? Most of the ratings given is 5. But I did found a 3 star ratings. i guess I 'll just have to read it my self, right? Or perhaps the book is highly rated due to the impact given by twilight movies? If I read this book, it'll be the 4th book series on vampires i read.

There is also this site, GOOD READS is a good reference too :)

Malay Novel : A Good One!

Another malay book i read after (ayat-ayat cinta). This book is a good one and I am actually proud that our malay writers can produce such a story. I even think out film producers should make a movies based on this novel. Its one of akind that i think we should share it with the world world. "hey looh here.. malaysia has a good story & movie too". not sure if any of the producers would want to take this challenge.

Its thrilling at moments especially, when involving humans who befriend demon that they have evil powers and turn them into creepy creature like pontianak (vampires), balan-balan (??), orang minyak (??).

At the end of the book, I am so curious and really would like to know what happens to the main character of the books especially Sunan, Dani & suprisingly Ratu :)

I reccomend this book to all !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Read Challenge 2010

Can you do this?

I joined this read challenge today on 23rd June 2010. Its easy to sign-up, just write your name & also link to your blog. I think its quite interesting to try.
Hmm.. Lets see what have I read in 2010 :)

1. The Help
2. The diary of a Wimpy Kid
3. Hunger Games
4. Life of Pi
5. The Vampire Diaries (The Awakening and The Struggles)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just finished reading this one. I kept seeing this book every time I went to MPH. Finally, last 2 weeks, i bought it. To me the story is one of a kind. It's a bit sad in the end when P told the 2nd version of the story.

But the 227 days is really written in creative details especially when it comes to the part of each animals movement and gestures.

A good one to read :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

one of the early books

one of the early books i read before i continue to read more frequently is marley and me. i bought the book at Kuala Trengganu airport (i think..) but i am sure its one of the airports while waiting for my husband doing something i don't remember. its a great story since i love animals too. my family, we don't have dogs but we have cats all the times. we can write a whole thick book about our family cats. the current cat in my parents' home is now Comot. But I like and miss the previous on, Combat.

Back to Marley & me. Read it if you are fond of house pets. If not, i don't think you can connect to the book.

Fun one to read - The diary of a wimpy kid...

this book is meant for kids between 9 - 11 of age. but its fun to read even if you 30+ like me :D
you will finish it in a day while doing your house chores. you will at moments laugh out loud cause its funny but its so true.
i think I will read the second book Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules

The movie link:

Read Challenge

What's with all these read challenge blogs i stumble too lately? its all about reading more books. it kinda flow with my favorite activity lately which is reading. last week i read two books which are fun and great at the same time. i think i will read them again before going for the movies.

A book which after reading it, i can't wait to continue the book sequence (wait till i find time to drop by MPH this weekend!)

Young adult series which is fun to read. after reading it, i googled for katniss everdeen and definitely don't want megan fox or that miley cyrus for the movie. NEVER ok? But i can't think of anyone now who would be perfert casting as Katniss.

Keep on reading and pray you'll improve your vocabs!