Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Mean Jabberjay

Jabberjay is in this second book of Hunger Games. And when it sings, it really hurts. To me, its one of the meanest thing capitol did to the tributes.

Catching Fire first few chapters to me, is kinda slow. I kept on thinking to flip the early pages just to check whether will there be 'page-turner' parts from this book. Yes it does. And when you reach that part, you will never put the book down.

My expectation for this book is to see WAR towards the capitol. Yup. It does started somewhere in this book and I am looking forward to read the second book.

Comments and queries (beware .... spoiler)
1. Why is it Katniss have to wait so long before seeing Gale when she first came back from the first game?
2. Prim has very little part in this book. Kinda frustrated.
3. Peeta's family is never talked about at all.
4. Why is it suddenly Madge being friend of Katniss beem mentioned few times in this book. Its like the author is desperade for Katniss to have other friend than Gale back in District 12 :P
5. Sometimes, i feel Katniss is like palying around between Peeta and Gale. I pity both of them :P
6. Effie has little parts too
7. What happens then to district 8, 13 ? i think this part is left unfinished...

I tell so much. You should just read the book. Its a page turner ..after hald of the book so be patient. I would rate this book 3 out of 5. And I like I said earlier. I am looking forward for Mockingjay! And one more thing, after reading this book, i vote for Peeta over Gale :)


Karen & Gerard Zemek

I haven't read this yet so was eager to see your comments. I like Peeta already, but liked Gale too from book one.


better read it fast... :D

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