Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Giveaway is Fun

List of Book-give-aways which i found on others blog. Some I join and really hope to receive something in my mailbox.

Date Found: 27.08.2010
Date End: 07.09.2010
She's giving out Mockingjay!

2. An international book giveaway from Jessica, Confessions of a Bookaholic
Date found: 27.08.2010
Date End: 31.08.2010
She's giving out Echoes by Melinda Metz


Look what I found.... thebookurrm

Date Found: 03.09.2010
Date End: 06.09.2010
She's giving out few boookkss.. I definitely need some TBR now...

4. Carol's ARC giveaway..
Date Found: 04.09.2010
Date End: 06.09.2010
many great books!.. I hope i'll get something in my mailbox sooon ..lalaalala..

27-30 Aug (Blog Hop Friday!)

Book Blogger Hop

i'm on leave today .....ngeee... i just came back from Jaya Jusco and have just spent bout 4% of my salary which received yesterday ...hhihihihi... and I just received BodyShop voucher RM20

This week blog hop question is:

Do you use a rating system for your reviews and if so, what is it and why?

I don't. At the moment. But i've been thinking to have ratings too but yet to find creative ratings design :P

I saw some interesting rating system before. Some are so cute and some kinda give serious impression ..

Well, that's about it..

So, feel free to leave comments and your blog address. I'll stop by when I find the time :-)

Have a nice weekend..

and one more thing.. on 31st August, is my country's Independence day. It has been 53 years. So, Happy National day to all Malaysian.. .. Merdeka !..Merdeka!.... Merdeka! ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Word Nerd

I was bloghopping and stumbled to this blog
Midnight Bloom. There i saw a book review;

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen

I think i want to read it! This one first....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The diary of a wimpy kid: The last straw

Finish Date:
23rd August 2010


A new character, Holly was introduced..and also, Alex, i think.
There was a para on Chirag :)
As for Manny, with his 'thingy' (old smelly blanket)

I can't remember at what page, but i LAUGH hysterically.

ps: I have the next book on the shelf! ..ngeeeee...........

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Complete Reading:
19th August 2010

Book Cover:
Not in my favorite list.

724 pages

There are many new characters introduce in this 2nd book. The investigation team includes Bubble and many others. I kinda picture them working like those in the CSI TV series.

When I began reading this book, it is kinda boring :P. I think Larrson is always slow into getting towards the action part. The first half of the book, i actually put the book down few times. I don't understand why Larsson have to potrait Lisbeth as lesbian. Are all european like that? tell me!

The story started to get interesting when the murder happened. I was curious and kept guessing where was Lisbeth hiding? The big secret of "ALl the evil" is not so scary or surprising. I think Lisbeth overreacts :P

I don't understand why she didn't die after being shot few times and buried alife. Is this some kind of superhero novel? Oh.. come on..The ending is sort of so sudden.

I am not sure whether to continue read the final book of the trilogy. Maybe, if I find someone for book-swap, then i'll read it :)

20th - 23rd August...

i missed this week BLOG HOP!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Browsing Swaptree and Bookmooch. Looking for additional TBR ;P

Which book trade site you join and you like best? Any new suggestion?

......... i'm a bit frustrated that most swap-sites are for UK only, New Zealand only or US only.

13-16 August...Hop!

My favourite day of the week Friday. Friday at office is "looking forward for weekend" and also casual-wear day. Lunch time is longer means that you can go for window shopping. And of course..... friday is the Crazy-Blog-Hop Day !

This week question is "How many books do you have on your to-be-read shelf?"

*wait. i'll go and count*

On the shelf physically 11. i'll list them down.

1. the time traveller's wife
2. eat,pray,love (i read few pages then stop halfway)
3. cinta sufi
4. sweetnes at the bottom of the pie
5. the inheritance of loss
6. when will there be goodnews
7. diary of a wimpy kid (yellow book)
8. diary of a wimpy kid (green book)
9. city of bones
10. Yakjuj Makjuj
11. Eldest

so, tell me which you'll read first from the list above???

my virtual to-be-read shelf (will this count??? ...)
1. Mockingjay (i wish i have this one TODAY)
2. Beutiful Creature
3. Olliver Kitteridge
4. Fallen
5. The Summoning (Kelley Armstrong)
6. Hush Hush
7. the girl who kicks the hornets nest (i am currently reading Book No.2 of the trilogy )
8. Little Bee

That's for now. How bout you? Comments on my TBR & VTBR shelf are mostly welcome.

ps: And check this out --> another Blog-Hop, join me! I am interested to see & read your blog post response :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

what book pops in your mind when you see these words

Hi All,

First, thanks for stopping by. I started this blog 2 months back and I kept checking my blog for new comments and also I spend lots of time blog-hopping to other book blogs. Well, its fun. Better than doing house chores :P

I have a question here and
would love to hear answers from you. For each of the word listed below, name a book which pops into your mind right away :D







STOP (You stop reading the book halfway :P)

1. Enter your blog name in list below. Write your Blogname, your name, your favorite book Genre.
2. Post the answers to the questions above and post in your Blog as creative as you want it to be. I'll be delighted to read your blog-post!
3. Visit and make friends: Visit other blog who are in the list and make more frinds in your life. See others creative blogs. Give comments and become their followers if you want to.
4. Open to ALL. everyone is welcome to JOIN....

Let have fun now!

6th to - 9th August

I was exhausted last night. And her I am just awake and straight to my PC..hahaha.. right after this i'm gonna cook some Maggi-Mee (hungry!)

This week's question:

Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?

I know many people out there does. But I don't. Maybe because I don't have IPod or whatsoever related to the stuff. I should go and buy one! No. I should persuade my husband to buy one for me :D The radio in my house too is not placed to my home-reading area. (My favourite reading spot at home ... my bed, sofa downstairs, at the bathroom (toilet..HAH!)). So, I don't have the opportunity to hear songs while reading. My PSP is in my drawer. I usually just use it for games. Conclusion is, no music while reading ...for now.. but in future who knowsss.. :D

While bloghopping, i stumbled to few sites but these seems interesting to me:-
Lori's Design Site Found this from Candace Book blog..
Jillian's book Blog --> the blog design is sweet

One more thing.. check this out if you LOVE Blog-Hopping!

Feel free to comment and hopefully we stumbled and found new interesting stuff everyday! :) ...And thanks to anyone stopping by my book blog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Stuff

Book reading diary notebook? ...nahhhh... updating in blog is better. Though there were many so cute book diary on the MPH shelves! there are also some book tote bags which is kinda expensive if we compare to all the free bags receive when we shop etc..

My book light! First one I ever have. Maybe he bought it for me because during last weekend, i read books using lights from his iphone :P. This thing works as a book mark too......