Friday, August 13, 2010

13-16 August...Hop!

My favourite day of the week Friday. Friday at office is "looking forward for weekend" and also casual-wear day. Lunch time is longer means that you can go for window shopping. And of course..... friday is the Crazy-Blog-Hop Day !

This week question is "How many books do you have on your to-be-read shelf?"

*wait. i'll go and count*

On the shelf physically 11. i'll list them down.

1. the time traveller's wife
2. eat,pray,love (i read few pages then stop halfway)
3. cinta sufi
4. sweetnes at the bottom of the pie
5. the inheritance of loss
6. when will there be goodnews
7. diary of a wimpy kid (yellow book)
8. diary of a wimpy kid (green book)
9. city of bones
10. Yakjuj Makjuj
11. Eldest

so, tell me which you'll read first from the list above???

my virtual to-be-read shelf (will this count??? ...)
1. Mockingjay (i wish i have this one TODAY)
2. Beutiful Creature
3. Olliver Kitteridge
4. Fallen
5. The Summoning (Kelley Armstrong)
6. Hush Hush
7. the girl who kicks the hornets nest (i am currently reading Book No.2 of the trilogy )
8. Little Bee

That's for now. How bout you? Comments on my TBR & VTBR shelf are mostly welcome.

ps: And check this out --> another Blog-Hop, join me! I am interested to see & read your blog post response :)



Thank you for stopping by... thought I'd return the favor ;o)

You have quite an eclectic list... I'll have to check out your thoughts on them in the future. I loved Time Travellers Wife... and I thought Olive Kitteridge was interesting and unique. Enjoy!


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is adorable I love it. I think the virtual list of tbr books count :-)


Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I'm dying for Mockingjay as well, is it the 24th yet? Your TBR list has some great ones on it, so I'm glad to have found your blog! I'm a new follower and I hope you have a great weekend!

Must Love Books

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Out of the books I've read and seeing the ones that you've posted, I'd recommend the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, Iron King by Julie Kagawa, or Demons Lexicon by Sarah Reese Brennan. :)


Hey Noral, I'm returning the comment you so nice left on my blog. I've read The Time Traveler's Wife and thought it was awesome. Eldest is from the Inheritance trilogy, right? Beautiful Creatures, The Summoning, Hush Hush and Fallen are also wildly entertaining so you're going to be having fun with the reading. I've bookmarked you! Let's be friends.


Stopping by from the Hop! Friday is one of my favorite days of the week too ;) I'm also reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, and loving it!

Dana Alma

Hey Noral, just stopping by on the hop and follow. Have a great weekend. Happy Reading!!!
See ya!
Readaholics Anonymous


I finally tracked you down!! You followed me awhile back but didn't leave a comment. Anyway, I'm now following you! --Only recognized #1,2,7, &8 of your list. I think #2 might be chosen for Sept in my book club so I'll probably read that.

Have a good weekend!



Hello everyone :)
First and foremost, thanks for leaving interesting comments and double thanks to new followers...
If so you happen to find any swapsites that is international (up to Asia), please inform me...

Have a nice weekend all. Ohh.. and also thanks for the books recommendations :)

Library Cat

Hi - coming by from the Blog Hop! You have a great list of books to read. I have read a few - I loved Olive Kitteridge and The Girl Who books.

Hope you will have time to visit one of my two blogs... LibraryCats Book List or Holocaust Resources!

Twisted Book Junkie

Hello, I used to live in Thailand. Not too far away. Hopefully one day I'll be back there!

I really loved Hush Hush and Beautiful Creatures. Nice list.

Hopping on by... I'm a new follower :)



I found your blog via the Hop. It is so fun for me to visit blogs and see all the wonderful ways people express their love for books.

I'm a new follower!

I'd love to have you stop by my blog and look around.


Hi stopping by from the hop! Cute blog :) I can't wait for Mockingjay either. You should read The Time Travelers Wife first, its really good. Have a great day!

Danielle @


Hey - just hoppin' by! I started the hop on Friday, but had to leave, just now getting back to it. Hope you had a great weekend! Stop by The Wormhole and say hi!


Hello Library Cat, Twisted, Readerbuzz, Danielle, Beverly

Thank you forposting comments. I appreaciate them a lot :)

I was kinda busy lately with office workload and stuff.. arghhh..

Nevertheless, I completed reading two books this week... you can check out the review..

ps: I'll stop by yr blogs when I can!

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