Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cinta Sang Ratu

I escaped office lunch (some celebration) instead i went out for lunch with my husband. Dropped by at MPH and finally I found this novel.
(I was searching for the book before when I was reading the 2nd) So, in a way it was a good decision i made to skipped thr project celebration even though I was questioned by my General Manager @ Project Director. Hey! No regrets.... Back to the novel...

RAM is one true creative Malay writer. In this novel we have Saifudin as usual macho, cool and somehow in this movie, the author add more romantic side to him :). I think he is extra religious than previous novel. Sometimes, when reading what he does is a reminder to myself. Thanks RAM

And of course, Sang Ratu who RAM introduce in the previous novel few last chapters. I am quite surprise by the decision Saifudin made for Sang Ratu but in a way, i think its a good one. Quote from the Novel...

Cinta Sang Ratu
laksana langit mencengkam purnama,
ibarat mutiara di lautan biru
saujana mata memandang, seluas langit terbentang.

Tatkala cinta berbisik, suaranya memuji TUHAN
Pabila rindu terusik, rasulnya jadi pilihan.

Sampai masanya cinta jadi taruhan
Sang Ratu menjadi impian.

This time, there is no balan-balan or kuntilanak but there is another creature who appear in current day (in Haryani's life). (Erghh... That made me somehow agree with my husband not to visit Indonesia :P )

There is also Senggara. RAM wrote as though Senggara is someone special in the book. While reading the book, I kept on guessing who he is.... Megat? Saifudin old dead friend? At last it was ......hmm.. ..(read it yourself).

Jenglot. I don't know what it is. But it does sound evil & deamon enough for me.

What ever happens in the book, RAM ends it perfectly..not too much frustrations.. and some ending that can make you MUST find the next book.. Hijab Sang Pencinta ..which I bought it just now and am reading it NOW. What are you waiting for? go read it now!

You can check out more of RAM's novels At his Fan Club Page. I think in all his novels, there are quotes which is kinda trademark for the character of each the novels. Check out here.


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