Saturday, July 31, 2010

the girl with dragon tattoo

fin reading this book yesterday on 31st July 2010...

The story is deep. I read and sometimes I flip to few pages back to confirm especially on the characters of the Vanger family. I recommend this book to mystery and thriller genre fan out there :)

Salander, Lisbeth
I never thought that Lisbeth is a hacker. But of course, its the most logic explanation for all the hundreds of pages she can gathered within few days. I bet she is prepared to get any PHD based on her investigation / reasearch skills :P
I saw in imdb that movie is highly rated (7.7/10). I think the actress looks old. Don't they have any younger looking one? Cause in the book, many times says that Lisbeth looks like 15..

I visualise him has a voice like the man who plays as Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Maybe because he's wise, old and have power not in magical way but as foremer ceo of vanger cooperation.

Vanger, Cecilia
I don't get why she's suddenly shut Blomkvist of of her life :P

Blomkvist, Mikhael
He's just a lucky man i guess.. :P

Berger, Erika
I think this woman is stupid. Pathetic, for getting involve with Blomkvist.

and many more characters..........

Book cover which I found on internet. I wish I had this cover for collection. Mine is the yellow color below

I will read the following books cause i want to know next episode of Salander's life.

The Trilogy:
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, original title Män som hatar kvinnor. 2005.
2. The Girl Who Played with Fire, original title Flickan som lekte med elden. 2006.
3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, original title Luftslottet som sprängdes. 2007.


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