Sunday, June 27, 2010


I read this book last nite. Its funny as like the first book. Reading this book is like watching tv sitcom malcom in the middle and also reminds me of my own 3 brothers when they were small. :P

Like the cartoons in the book. Sometimes its more funny than the diaries itself. reminds me of calin and hobbes somehow.. i dunno why.

Rodrick is cruel. weel, that's how i felt after reading this book. Well, actually, greg also is cruel to Rodrick. Maybe boys are always like that.

Anyway, read it if you want some family-fun!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding new books

Here I am again at home. Me alone. Its peaceful & quiet & not so warm. The weather is just nice and almost perfect. I can start vacuum my room or arrange the newspaper in the living or seep the floor. Instead, I am here browsing for new books to read..hahaha

I stumbled into few sites on Kelley Armstrong (The summoning) Is it that good? Most of the ratings given is 5. But I did found a 3 star ratings. i guess I 'll just have to read it my self, right? Or perhaps the book is highly rated due to the impact given by twilight movies? If I read this book, it'll be the 4th book series on vampires i read.

There is also this site, GOOD READS is a good reference too :)

Malay Novel : A Good One!

Another malay book i read after (ayat-ayat cinta). This book is a good one and I am actually proud that our malay writers can produce such a story. I even think out film producers should make a movies based on this novel. Its one of akind that i think we should share it with the world world. "hey looh here.. malaysia has a good story & movie too". not sure if any of the producers would want to take this challenge.

Its thrilling at moments especially, when involving humans who befriend demon that they have evil powers and turn them into creepy creature like pontianak (vampires), balan-balan (??), orang minyak (??).

At the end of the book, I am so curious and really would like to know what happens to the main character of the books especially Sunan, Dani & suprisingly Ratu :)

I reccomend this book to all !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Read Challenge 2010

Can you do this?

I joined this read challenge today on 23rd June 2010. Its easy to sign-up, just write your name & also link to your blog. I think its quite interesting to try.
Hmm.. Lets see what have I read in 2010 :)

1. The Help
2. The diary of a Wimpy Kid
3. Hunger Games
4. Life of Pi
5. The Vampire Diaries (The Awakening and The Struggles)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just finished reading this one. I kept seeing this book every time I went to MPH. Finally, last 2 weeks, i bought it. To me the story is one of a kind. It's a bit sad in the end when P told the 2nd version of the story.

But the 227 days is really written in creative details especially when it comes to the part of each animals movement and gestures.

A good one to read :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

one of the early books

one of the early books i read before i continue to read more frequently is marley and me. i bought the book at Kuala Trengganu airport (i think..) but i am sure its one of the airports while waiting for my husband doing something i don't remember. its a great story since i love animals too. my family, we don't have dogs but we have cats all the times. we can write a whole thick book about our family cats. the current cat in my parents' home is now Comot. But I like and miss the previous on, Combat.

Back to Marley & me. Read it if you are fond of house pets. If not, i don't think you can connect to the book.

Fun one to read - The diary of a wimpy kid...

this book is meant for kids between 9 - 11 of age. but its fun to read even if you 30+ like me :D
you will finish it in a day while doing your house chores. you will at moments laugh out loud cause its funny but its so true.
i think I will read the second book Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules

The movie link:

Read Challenge

What's with all these read challenge blogs i stumble too lately? its all about reading more books. it kinda flow with my favorite activity lately which is reading. last week i read two books which are fun and great at the same time. i think i will read them again before going for the movies.

A book which after reading it, i can't wait to continue the book sequence (wait till i find time to drop by MPH this weekend!)

Young adult series which is fun to read. after reading it, i googled for katniss everdeen and definitely don't want megan fox or that miley cyrus for the movie. NEVER ok? But i can't think of anyone now who would be perfert casting as Katniss.

Keep on reading and pray you'll improve your vocabs!