Sunday, March 6, 2011


its been almost two months since i last blog. I was busy with work or maybe more on facebook. i think i am addicted to one of the zynga games. Frontier ville!.. Hahah... any one out there want to be my neighbour? :D
ok. back to my book life. This year, I already read the two new books i bought.

1. Jodi Picoult - House Rules....
This book tells a story how a mom and a brother handles an asperger in a family. It was hard. full of conflicts. the book is ok. it will give you a bit of of understanding what asperger is.

The second book, i read.. Is from notting hill with love ... actually.
This is a fun book for reading.
When I read it, it reminds me of Becky Bloomwood of Shoppaholic :-)
Its just nice. And if this is one of a book which can be a great romantic comedy movie.
Furthermore. I am going to UK this April. So everything about UK gets me excited... :-)
I am not bragging. Its just that this is my first time ever going to UK and maybe once in a lifetime. Of course i am super excited. i spend lots of my saving for this.

Ok. back to my book life. I am looking forward to read more books this year. any good book to read? please leave comment... :)


Marianne Kearns

Read this and wiseabove...

What's your address again in the hereafter, dear?? Mine is 111 Rock-Solid-Diamond Ave, Seventh-Heaven - a quaint, stucco mansion on d'south side of town with mountain biking trails in all directions you may conform with your thots... AND, of course, a sassy, savvy, insane, party-hardy every evening. RSVP. Wanna join me? trustNjesus.

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