Friday, September 3, 2010

Contest: Carol's Book Give away.... WOW!

i was browsing around, thinking and listing my activities for travel next here. at the same time book-blog hopping and found this. I love to read and buying books this year.... hmm. i already bought a lot.. and i am kinda tight now... so I just wish someone outthere is kind enough to give me bookss..hah!

And look what i found..

These are the books for giveaway. so many right??? YEAHHhh...
This contest is by Carol.
I sure hope I will win something :)

Parajunkee's Friday Hop!

i found Parajunkee's Friday from Katie's Blog, while I was bloghopping from Jennifer's (Crazy for books) hop. And the question is interesting :-)

Question: What is your favourite brick and mortar bookstore?

These are the available chain in my country
1. Popular Bookstore
2. MPH Bookstore
3. The Borders
4. Kinokuniya (only available in KLCC Twin Tower...)

Well, i am a member for Popular & MPH Bookstore....At the moment, I think I prefer Popular cause member gets discount for any book purchase.. ngeeeee

How about you?

ps: if are in UK (London), tell me which is your favourite bookstore.

3-6 September ..lalalalalala......

Book Blogger Hop

Woweee.... Its friday again. my favourite day of the week. Its end of the working day and when i reached home, i have friday-blog-hop activity :)

This week question:
Do you judge a book by its cover?

People always say don't judge a book by its cover... hahah.
The truth is I sometimes DO!! Especially when i was at the bookstore looking for bookss..and also when I was browsing on web. Well, there are book covers which are really NOT acceptable at all.. ( well.... i can't think of any now :P )

That's that.

So, what's yr comment? I think there might be someone out there who just likes to pick book which the cover is unique and different from otherss..

Feel free to comment :-)